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People LOVE the Historian Inn

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TripAdvisor: Historian Inn, Gardnerville – “Charming Place”

A very charming and quaint place to stay at. Spent 3 nights (New Year’s Eve) here with family and some friends and we had a great time. The reception upgraded us to a suite and it was lovely and very kind of her. The room was neat and big. The breakfast is very basic here though and don’t expect anything fancy. The location is not bad if you want to go skiing at Tahoe.

TripAdvisor: Historian Inn, Gardnerville – “Revised History”

Been over a year since I had the opportunity to revisit The Historian. The upgrades to the rooms are just great. Although a lot of new staff, the excellent service and support to make this stay as outstanding as the past ones. Of great improvement was the WiFI which was lacking at times in the past. The local area still stacked with great food, drink, and shopping of all kinds within walking distance. Hope it is sooner than a year before my next stay.

TripAdvisor: Historian Inn, Gardnerville – “Beautiful Hotel – Great Service”

This hotel is a great find. The rooms are beautifully decorated, high ceilings, crown molding, new feel and look. The service is better than a 5 star hotel. When we arrived late and were hungry the attendant gave us several restaurants to choose and then the one we choose didn’t deliver. The attendant offered to go and pick our food up for us. Amazing. You won’t go wrong with this Hotel. the pictures don’t do it justice.

TripAdvisor: Historian Inn, Gardnerville – “An Amazing Anniversary to remember!!!”

Had the most amazing time here! Staff was so friendly and recommended the Basque resteraunt across the street (JT Basque Bar & Dining Room) which was also amazing by far! After dinner we spent a night in watching movies and headed to Tahoe the next day! The room is beautiful and spacious with a cabin-like feel. The wood floors and design of the room blew me away! We will be coming back in the future for sure!

Going, Going Green!

South Lake Tahoe / Carson Valley, NV – Going Green is a matter of opinion and sometimes can be high cost to implement programs and options which serve us toward a better future…

“The vision at the Historian Inn has always been to re-use, recycle and re-vamp” says owner, Deb Pierrel.  “It is why we refurbish older buildings.  Embracing the past with new, fun and unique services and amenities”

As the Historian Inn is finishing the install of their new in-room flooring made of recycled product, the reviews are in – and they are glowing!  Cushy and comfy, easy to maintain and clean and long lasting, too.  Leaders in the hospitality industry are taking notice.

Other note-worthy eco-isms are that currently, the Historian Inn [Eddy Street] has the only electric car charger between Bishop and Carson City – and it is free to use!  They use mugs instead of to go cups and plastic water glasses, too. You can use a bike to get around town – free!  Plus, they offer re-usable water-bottles in room.

The Historian Inn partnered with Green Suites Hotel Solutions who provide solutions that enhance, preserve and promote the environment.  It is a perfect match.  They provide upscale and soothing personal care amenities that aid in reducing waste while pampering guests with natural, high-quality products in sleek waste-less dispensers. “The positive guest reaction to our new dispensers has been a pleasant surprise,” says Dan Carpenter

We even have a new Be Green and Save Green rate!  If a guest chooses no housekeeping, we give them 2% off of their room rate!  Of course, to reduce the amount of laundry-related water consumption, housekeepers only change sheets every 3 days, unless asked by guests to do so, too.

And speaking of laundry and cleaning, they even have a device that mixes the laundry chemical with water prior to being introduced into the washer helps save both water and chemical usage.