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Yelp: Historian Inn, Gardnerville – “Absolutely Amazing Place”

Absolutely an amazing place, service and people! I Googled places to stay since we were going up to Tahoe to snowboard. This place is so clean and new. The beds are so so comfortable. Pillow top mattress! The staff are so friendly and go above and beyond expectations. They have a cute market with things made by local artists plus wine and many cheeses. The biggest plus is that you are allowed to bring your pets for only $20 for the whole time you stay!!! There is a dog park right next door where my pup had a blast. I am going to always stay here!!! Thank you for everything!

Brittney A., Novato, CA

Yelp: Historian Inn, Gardnerville – “Absolutely Amazing Place”2017-01-02T13:25:02-08:00

Trip Advisor: Historian Inn – “Right In Town”

The Historian is located right in downtown Gardnerville, on the same block as a couple of good restaurants. The price was modest, and the room was recently updated.  They gave us a nice, “sacked breakfast,” made of yogurt, muffin, apple, raisins and string cheese.


Trip Advisor: Historian Inn – “Right In Town”2017-01-02T13:26:07-08:00

Trip Advisor: Historian Inn – “Warm and Comfortable Stay”

This hotel was recently renovated and was very comfortable, clean and warm. The bed and bedding were very nice and comfortable and my husband and I slept well. We had a large room in the front of the hotel on the second floor. We could hear a little bit of traffic noise but it wasn’t annoying or disruptive. The staff were all very gracious and hospitable – made us feel very welcome. They offered a nice and healthy take away breakfast of yogurt, raisins, muffin, string cheese, an apple, orange juice and freshly brewed coffee. It was fine for us, we ate what we wanted and saved the rest for a mid-day snack later on. The hotel also had a lovely cafe (where you picked up your breakfast and coffee), offering wine and cheese tasting and lots of beautiful art and locally crafted pieces for sale. It was a terrific place to enjoy a glass of wine and have a nice little browse.

DQUILTER, Morgan Hill –

Trip Advisor: Historian Inn – “Warm and Comfortable Stay”2017-01-02T13:25:59-08:00

Trip Advisor: Historian Inn – “An Absolute Pleasure”

We had the opportunity to stay at this hotel several nights during a visit back to the Minden-Gardnerville area during Christmas time. We were so happy with it that we returned there at the end of our stay. All of the employees were more than pleasant, the rooms were more than comfortable and quiet with tasteful decor, the beds, linens, and pillows were plush and clean, and they even provided a pet basket (with treats, tennis balls, pet towels and sheets). There is free (good) coffee and a health-filled snack bag provided every morning in the cute shop in the adjacent building. While the park directly behind the hotel discourages dogs, there is a trail and open area further back where you can run dogs and there are baggies provided for clean up. Thoughtfulness and attention to detail describes this hotel’s accommodations. We will definitely stay there when we go back


Trip Advisor: Historian Inn – “An Absolute Pleasure”2017-01-02T13:26:19-08:00

Touring Like a Millionaire

During your late summer and early fall Historian Inn stays, pick up picnic fixings at our Market Café and discover fun nuggets of local American West history.

Tour former millionaires’ Sierra hideaways scattered around the lake and what was once one of Nevada’s largest ranches.

Just a few miles from South Lake Tahoe’s intersection of Highways 50 and 89 – the Pope Estate once welcomed Rudolf Valentino. It still radiates a luxurious 1920s charm.

Under towering pines is the small path leading to the Baldwin Estate. You will like the rustic camp-like feel. Its first owner, Lucky Baldwin, was one of Lake Tahoe’s original hoteliers and founded the Santa Anita Race Track.

Visiting Vikingsholm involves a one-mile hike down from the parking lot overlooking Emerald Bay – and a steep hike back up. No worries, there are gorgeous spots to sit and catch your breath. A Tahoe/Scandinavian design delights with wildfire sod roofs, dragon-headed wooden beams and other handcrafted décor. Inside meet “Selma” – a gal with time on her hands.

We love how the décor at the Hellmann-Ehrman Estate, just north of Meeks Bay, looks like the family has just stepped away to play tennis or go boating from their private pier. Located at California’s Sugar Pine State Park after it closes in late September you can still walk or cross country ski around it during the winter months.

Just east of Incline Village in Nevada lies Thunderbird Lodge.

Open until late October its design is as unique was its original owner. Captain George Whittell, Jr. was an irascible sort who called a lion named Bill his best friend. Bill wandered freely including the underground tunnel and its then-legal opium den. Outer buildings housed Whittell’s premier mahogany yacht, the “Thunderbird,” and pet elephant Mingo – now long gone. View the “Thunderbird” as part of the tour or board her for a water tour departing from South Lake Tahoe – Tuesday through Saturday.

Cattle and sheep were the four-legged occupants of Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park. Throughout the year, from Wednesday to Sunday, tours of this 1850s ranch, with its rare artifacts, are available. Just call 24 hours ahead to book your time.


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“Stars, Strings, and Sipping”

Do you ever look up at the night sky, sprinkled with stars, and feel awe? We have and our upcoming “Stars, Strings, and Sipping” events, September through December, and will transform “awe” into “awesome” at the Historic Carson Valley’s Historian Inn.

You won’t want to miss the natural show.

Travel the Milky Way and beyond with star guide, astronomer, and poet, Tony Berendsen of Tahoe Star Tours. As President of the Nevada Science Coalition, Tony’s passion and expertise, and high-powered telescope, make viewing the wonders of astronomy entertaining and educating. His thrill at what nature produces in space manifests itself through his original poetry. Readings from his “Poastromy” and “Other Worlds” collections are sure to enhance our scanning of the night sky.

In the 70s movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” music played an important communication tool. Perhaps the talents of our Reno Philharmonic friends and the music they will play live will have the same effect.

What is a star gazing party without fantastic food and drink?


Sample our appetizers from the best of local chefs, wine poured by experts and for our younger astronomy fans – hot chocolate.

Look at the following calendar of Mother Nature’s artistry in the sky. Book a room and come get starry-eyed with us.

Star gazing won’t be dull with the additions we have!

Saturday, Sept. 29/Lake Tahoe Uranus in Opposition A rare opportunity to view the blue-green planet closest to Earth.

October 15/Lake Tahoe October 21/Carson Valley Orionid Meteor Shower
October 22/Lake Tahoe New Moon Star Gaze
November 13/Lake Tahoe November 18/Carson Valley Leonid Meteor Shower
November 27/Lake Tahoe Blue Snowball Nebula
November 27/Lake Tahoe December 3/Carson Valley Jupiter at Opposition
December 13/Carson Valley December 14/Lake Tahoe Geminids Meteor Shower

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Gardnerville Hotel Receives Makeover

Gardnerville hotel receives makeover, new positioning
John Seelmeyer, 3/5/2012

For the better part of a year, Deb Pierrel and Katy Donoghue debated whether The Historian Inn in downtown Gardnerville fit into the niche that their Clé Hospitality is developing.

The company headquartered in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., is focused on resort markets — it bought a Lodge at Stateline a year ago — and Gardnerville on first glance isn’t the same sort of resort as South Lake Tahoe.

But the more Pierrel and Donoghue learned, the more they were convinced that Gardnerville is a resort market — however low-key — and they moved to buy The Historian Inn with its 33 rooms.

The purchased closed last month. Privately held Clé Hospitality didn’t disclose terms.

The company’s team has been working long hours to completed a deep cleaning, and its doors will open to guests within a few days. A more extensive renovation is scheduled for completion by late May or early June, and The Market Café at the hotel is scheduled for opening by summertime.

“It’s a beautiful property that hasn’t been cared for during many, many years,” Pierrel said last week. The hotel at 1427 Highway 395 North was built in 2000.

As they researched the Douglas County tourism market, Donoghue and Pierrel learned that it’s a destination for many visitors who use Gardnerville as a base for visits to nearby attractions at Lake Tahoe, Genoa and Virginia City.

Visitors don’t typically come for a long stay, they learned, but they clearly view Gardnerville and Minden as a destination.

The new owners will be positioning the hotel in a niche that Pierrel describes as “value-oriented, high-service.”

Clé Hospitality is contracting with Gardnerville-area firms for much of the renovation of the property, which will include custom-designed furniture, upgraded beds and bedding and historic artwork and artifacts.

Among the amenities available when renovation is complete, Pierrel said, will be complimentary bicycles for guests to use as they explore Minden and Gardnerville.

The hotel also includes several meeting spaces, and Pierrel said a secondary market will be corporate and business travelers.

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We Believe…

that when you book a hotel, you should have a home away from home.

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Gourmet Oils at the Market Café

Those who appreciate the art of cooking will love the selection of gourmet oils and vinegars at the Market Cafe.  There’s also a selection of jams and jellies made with all natural ingredients for a delicious topping to toast, ice cream, and more!

Gourmet Oils at the Market Café2016-09-06T13:21:57-07:00

We Believe…

you should have what you need to feel comfortable and accommodated.  In amenities that allow you relevant and current access to the world – or the ability to shut it off.  In shampoos, lotions, and necessities which are good to the earth, good to you, and are defined by their quality.  In furnishing and linens which provide comfort and make you feel a bit indulgent.

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